Axel Tillmann

Top Going-To-Market and Innovation Strategist

Axel delivers winning results in many different verticals. He has amazed many clients with his universal knowledge and deep insights. As a CEO recently wrote: "My work with Axel resulted in the last 2 month to more sales than in the prior 5 years.

If you engage with Axel for 1 Hour, 1Day, 1 Month, or for a longer engagement, the ROI for this investment is 10 fold or greaterl

Axel Tillmann is a serial entrepreneur having run a few companies and exited several as well in Europe and USA.  For the last 10 years he has been coaching, and mentoring startups and companies (all sizes), including the spin-out of a $20B Japanese corporation.  Axel is comfortable in many different verticals and has embraced entrepreneurship as a way of life.

His current roles include Co-founding EIR at Pitch Global (recent event and ongoing partner of UC Berkeley Global) and Managing Director of Alpha Consul, where he has launched initiatives that are dedicated to foster entrepreneurship and bring the Silicon Valley Mindset around the world.  His initiatives target African Countries, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, South America, and select Eastern and Western European countries.

In the US he is also the founder of the World Summit Global Venture Fund, a fund with a unique investment thesis, the California Inclusivity Fund (CIF) addressing the funding needs of disadvantaged members of society (Black, Latino, Indigenous, Women).  Beyond this he serves in various capacities organizations such as Create Impact, National Black Entrepreneurship Project and many startup companies.

Prior roles included CEO of a US arm of a $1B Fund-of-Funds and managing about $150M in portfolio investments. Positive exits included SMI to Intel and BrightSource Energy.  His operational experience includes Arcsight (acquired by HP), Azure Technologies (acquired by GN), ENIRA Technology (acquired by ArcSight) to name a few.

An accomplished speaker and author well known for his technical expertise, Mr. Tillmann advises numerous industry organizations and served on several Boards – and steering the companies to success.

Axel offers several opportunities to engage

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