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Advisory Legacy Council is comprised of some of the best leaders around the world that have understood that the world is a holistic place and everything you do affects everybody else.

Modern business leaders can no longer afford to ignore the principles of humanity and therefore must build enterprises that consider the integration of all principles.

Our Leadership together with their selected Advisory Council Members will take your ideas and visions and turn this into actionable reality.  We build a better world together.

Our Leadership

Ashkan Tabibnia

Ashkan’s leadership and culmination of past experiences is brought forward in 𝐀𝐋𝐏𝐇𝐀 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐒𝐔𝐋𝐓 and his newly formed 90210 Enterprise, which is a refined and optimized organization that borrowed the best learned lessons from his past experiences.

Dr. Natalie Forest

Natalie guide women back to waking up every morning excited and happy about the day and their life., while seeing their kids thrive and having fun with them”.  Are you a woman who wants to have a great life—filled with joy, love, and exciting adventures?

Axel Tillmann

Axel has accomplished to master the craft of Going-2-Market Strategy.  Many don’t fully comprehend what this in entails but you can read more on the detailed sections.  If you want to get an insight on the lives of many CEOs that he changed, look at the Recommendations on LInkedIn.

Our Advisory Members

Paula McNicholas

Paula McNicholas is a highly accomplished and esteemed business consultant with a wealth of expertise and experience in her field. Her areas of specialization include areas of the business field.

Lee Tunney Ware

Lee Tunney-Ware is the “Subconscious Code Breaker”. With successes that
far outweigh his failures they have made him a highly intuitive, strategic,
problem solver with the ability to see what very few see.

Dr Anneli Driessen

Anneli has been at the forefront of personal and corporate change for > 20 years. She has been a successful clinical therapist, business executive, consultant, confidant, mentor, and Master-certified coach to CEOs and C-level executives.

Joseph Mcguire

He teaches the ancient Chinese skill of Face Reading (Mien Shiang), and Body Language, initially to healthcare professionals as diagnostic and communication tools. He qualified and practiced as a holistic therapist for 30 years.

Dr. Susan Taffer

Susan serves as Director for The Western Region Global Women’s Peace Network here she strategizes international and local Educational Initiatives, Peace Program Initiatives and Women’s Leadership Training Initiatives.

Dan Goodwin

Dan is the master of Corporate Investigations.  He rose to become one of a handful of Regional Security Managers, heading investigations into fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, and other high-level company activities within his five assigned areas,

Latifah Abdur

Latifah is the absolute master of digital marketing.  Her skills are displayed at their own website, Elitevivant.com. As the CEO of this boutique digital marketing firm she delivers her client’s presence in winning strategies.

Chris Siegmond

Christopher ’Sigmond is a prolific songwriter with hundreds of songs under his belt. He is inspired by artists such as Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave, Kate Bush, The Fields of the Nephilim, Jim Morrison, Faith No More, and many more.

Rosie Cruz

Storytelling is Rosie’s passion. Creativity is the superpower behind it all. Her specialty is connecting passionate people together. She is CEO and Senior Executive Producer developing high impact content for 21st century audiences. 

Dan Silberberg

Dan E. Silberberg is founder and CEO of ENTELECHY.AI. As a thought leader and visionary, Dan works with middle-market companies ($50 – $500million) to identify their unrealized top line growth and bottom-line profit potential. 


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Entrepreneurial Development

The Entrepreneurship journey is difficult.  For one as smaller corporation your are4 typically facing much smaller staff than and big ones.  You need to be very agile to stay on top.

But you don’t have to go on this journey alone.  Our founders and our advisors are here to assist and guide you on this journey.

Personal Development

Body, Mind, and Soul often referred to as individual entities are in reality a unity, and whenever you perceive them as separate your success and personal development are handicapped. Our founders and advisors will focus you back onto the road of personal success

“Freedom and Fulfillment comes with Entrepreneurship”

Axel Tillmann

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